What we do: WorkEm is a consulting and coaching company, offering a powerful approach to organisations by addressing how people and their work, resources, and technologies are interweaved, in order to untangle complexities and increase efficiency and achieve success for organisations.
What we aspire to: WorkEm wants to revolutionize the way we have been dealing with design, strategies, (digital) transformations, and project and operations management up until now, by introducing new ideas and methods to weave together peoples work with others, across boundaries.
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How can WorkEm help you?


We and the Interweaving practice help and advise you in many ways. Here are a few ideas based on that Interweaving is human centric, work oriented, and complementary to your ordinary work. 

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Interweaving Competences

 An Interweaver can wear many Hats and work as a complement, specialist, or domain expert.

An Interweaver can be an Integrator, Manager, Assistant, Overseer, Craftsman, Artist and Storyteller, Scientist, Designer, Problem Solver, etc.

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Unique integration & facilitation services

An Interweaver is uniquely suited to complement and assist executives, managers and professionals.

An Interweaver offload managers by taking on complicated integration, facilitation, mediation and change management tasks and act as advisors.

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Journeys and Work to be Done

Many endeavours take the form of journey’s. WorkEm Toolsmiths helps and advise you on the road.

From start to finish as a journey leaders or integrators along the way.

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Knowledge and Insights Creator and Interweaver

Interweaving helps you untangle your many stories and uncover insights for the benefits of people, in work they do.

Knowledge, assessments, validations, insights are turned into advice for action to be innovative and take advantage of opportunities.


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In your Innovation  Journey

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In your Startup Journey

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In your Integration Journey

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In your Executive and Manager Journey

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In your Knowledge Journey

Work to Be Done

You have taken the time and passion to risk you and resources on something new, a change. There is an expectation that this will incrementally, evolutionary or revolutionary boost you, your organisation and it’s values.

Interweaving helps you in your work/job to be done and improves and safeguards the investments you make to boost the future.


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The focus on integration, alignment, engagement, co-creation, and bridge building makes an Interweaver uniquely suited to complement and support executives and managers. An Interweaver can offload and supplement managers by taking on integration, facilitation, mediation and change management tasks. 

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When you have specific opportunities problems or solutions in mind and focus.

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When you build, run, and optimise specific programs, project or initiatives.

Interweaving supports you in a variety of approaches: Predictive, Iterative, Incremental, and Agile.

Takeaways and Deliverables

The Interweaving practice offers rich and manifold kinds of takeaways. The following four groups summaries key deliverables.

Integration, Facilitation, Mediation & Change Management

Interweave & Backbones

Assessment & Validation

Knowledge and Insights of the New, Possible, or Existing

We deliver Services in these Areas

Working Together

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We offer to make your work with others less complicated and easier to manage through a series of services and products. The modular solution can be assembled and configured to suit your needs and use by individuals, teams, in projects and business processes. Each module provides a basis for Interweaving and Architecting and are complementary to basic and personal ‘Get-It-Done’ tools.

This service suite includes: Micro Languages, Material Language, Forms and Participation Languages, ThinkEm™ - Ways of Thinking, WorkEm™ - Ways of Working, Work Products, and Instruments.


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Our Interweaving services enable and facilitate people in work with others in organisations, projects and networks to embrace and manage complicated, complex, manifold, varied, and changing circumstances.

Interweaving provides a lens to see the world through. The lens focuses on the question: what is most important (salient) and how does it all fit, work,and evolve together across boundaries?

The services and method are lean and rich, pragmatic and involving business design, interdisciplinary, complementary and supplementary, co-creating and participatory, and focused on delivering worthwhile benefits over projects life cycle.


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We offer Architecting services of two kinds, depending on your business environment and needs.

Interweaving style of Enterprise Architecting that is human centric, work oriented and based on the Interweaving Practice. It is focused on delivering worthwhile benefits to the members of organisations, communities and enterprises. It recognises that value is co-created by myriads of beings, thinkers, decision makers, doers, and learners.

Traditional Architecting that is based on established business, technology, IS/IT, industry frameworks (TOGAF, ...) or international standards, which comes with predefined methods, techniques, languages, tools and deliverables.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?
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