What we are: WorkEm is an advisory company. We create valuable change and impact through Design, Interweaving, and Architecting.
What we do: WorkEm is an advisory company, offering powerful ideas and methods that address how people, ecology, economy, society, and technologies are interweaved, in order to untangle complexities and increase efficiency and achieve the rate of success for organisations and in project.
What we aspire to: WorkEm wants to revolutionize the way we have been dealing with design, strategies, (digital) transformations, and project and operations management up until now, by introducing new ideas and methods to weave together peoples work with others, across boundaries.

When can WorkEm help you?

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 The circumstances that indicate when Interweaving becomes suitable are: when the world becomes difficult to understand (complicated) and complex, and there are manifold and varying things to consider. 

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Complications, Opportunities, Problems, Challenges

Interweaving is very handy when addressing and untangling complication, challenges, and problems, but also when optimising opportunities.

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Many endeavours take the form of journey’s. WorkEm Toolsmiths helps and advise you on the road.

From start to finish as a journey leaders or integrators along the way.

To the Journeys and Work to be Done

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Knowledge and Insights Creator and Interweaver

Interweaving helps you untangle your many stories and uncover insights for the benefits of people, in work they do.

Knowledge, assessmentsvalidations, insights are turned into advice for action to be innovative and take advantage of opportunities.

How can WorkEm help you?


We and the Interweaving practice help and advise you in many ways. Here are a few ideas based on that Interweaving is human centric, work oriented, and complementary to your ordinary work. 

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Interweaving Competences

An Interweaver can wear many Hats and work as a complement, specialist, or domain expert.

An Interweaver can be an Integrator, Manager, Assistant, Overseer, Craftsman, Artist and Storyteller, Scientist, Designer, Problem Solver, etc.

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Unique integration & facilitation services

An Interweaver is uniquely suited to complement and assist executives, managers and professionals.

An Interweaver offload managers by taking on complicated integration, facilitation, mediation and change management tasks and act as advisors.

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The interweaved Concept Development is are thinking and practices that focus on developing and evolving shared views and commitments for top-management, business units, programs or projects.

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The interweaving style of Enterprise Architecture delivers a new generation of architectures that focus what people value and what is fundamental.
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The Aim of Interweaving is to ….

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