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What if we Reimagine Enterprise Architecture?

What if we Reimagine Enterprise Architecture?

What would happen if we use Design Thinking to Reimagine the traditions of Enterprise Architecture (EA)? 

Where would we end up? What are the problems to solve? Are they the same as the EA tradition prescribes? Are there other problems that need solving? Is the solution the same?

In a series of “What if we …” design steps I intend to illustrate the power of interweaved Design Thinking  (iDT) on the initial challenge - Why does the tradition of EA have so much problems outside the application on IS/IT? 

The focus of the series is Ideation.


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A pivot, a challenge, a modernisation, a disruption ...

A pivot, a challenge, a modernisation, a disruption ...

 ...that is lean and mean as opposed to rigid and comprehensive, open as opposed to closed and predefined …

and meet the modern needs and insights of agility, experimentation, fail forward, build-learn-measure, growth hacking, design, open questions and learning, critical thinking, …


  • modern knowledge workers,
  • digital transformations,
  • investors and aspiring startups,
  • large companies,
  • strategy execution,
  • organisational and technical integration,
  • Industry 4.0,
  • innovation journeys,
  • and much more.

Interweaving & Architectural Thinking as a pair of Lenses or Glasses

Interweaving and Architectural thinking can be thought of as a putting on a pair of coloured lenses or glasses that frame and filter the world. These lenses emphasise and include the most important, fundamental and interweaving elements that architects should focus their attention, efforts on.

The lenses reach far beyond design efforts, across the whole life cycle of an enterprise, company, society, or state agency, including all that Interweave their parts.

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