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Can Design Thinking become even more effective for organisations?


We believe so.

We are now actively practicing and researching a fusion and synthesis with several (better) practices, to gain experiences and data points. The result is - “interweaved Design Thinking”, which aims to boost organisational performance of design thinking in transformation and innovation efforts. Through an Interweaving process we are incorporating successful parts from management, performance management, agile, reflection, learning and unlearning, design science research, impact making and Interweaving itself. We intend to share the results of the research efforts as soon as they become available.


Boost your designs using the Affordance Canvas

Boost your designs using the Affordance Canvas

Power up your designs using the Affordance Canvas to make the most the possibilities in the age of crisis and Corona. The Affordance Canvas is a result of the effort to enrich design thinking using Interweaving. How:
- After the team has formulated a problem point-of-view and found a solution, the team turns around and explores the affordance of the solution. Here the affordance is all the possibilities that a solution enables or facilitates. - This is a creative exercise that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. What can be done in excess of the intended functionality of the solution? - Once the new possibilities have been uncovered the problem point-of-view should be revisited. Is the chosen problem the right problem framing or are there more profitable problems to address that makes the most of the solution? Maybe there are reasons to reframe the problem to arrive at an even better position for the future. An example of an affordance are the many possibilities made available by AI or deep learning algorithms. Here, new ways of working can be found that looks for a solution. Maybe even old solutions from the historical garbage can be revitalised for the problems of today?

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What if we ... Interweave Design Thinking ...?

What if we ... Interweave Design Thinking ...?

This is the second theme with the fusion of Design Thinking and Interweaving.


Interweaving Enriched Design Journey

Interweaving enrich a Design Journey or Process by adding an Interweaving step to address…

“164 executives at companies with more than $1 billion in revenue, 26%, told us the transition from innovation or R&D group to the business unit “needs serious work” at their company. Another 16% described it as ‘terrible’,” [Harvard Business Review]

“A full 81% of those surveyed say that fewer than 25% of their startup pilots have resulted in commercial deals.” [Fortune]

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