Strategic Interweaving

Business Transformations through a structured integration and alignment of Strategy with Operations.
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Introducing the Concept Development practice, featuring Interweaving

Introducing the Concept Development practice, featuring Interweaving - a missing ingredient in digital transformation efforts.

Digital transformation, agile projects, and strategy execution are all complicated and risky. 

The Concept Development and Interweaving practices provide a much needed help that interconnects people, work and things, in order to boost asset utilization, and release business results and values.

The practices …

  • capture the most important ideas and ways to stakeholders.
  • provide a big picture that enables the interested parties to see the forest through the trees.
  • assist management teams, designers and decision makers to find their way to a shared understanding of todays and tomorrows business and operations.
  • increase buy-in, agreement and commitment amongst governance level employees, funding decision makers, acquirers, and operators.
  • provide steering and guidance means, consistency over time, cohesion in solutions, traceability of business ideas, ways and requirements across projects and systems.
  • include modern business design techniques.
  • provide a lean replacement for rigid and comprehensive traditional enterprise architecture practices. 
  • add important parts that traditional (governmental) integration frameworks miss. 



Concept Development and Interweaving used in varie...

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