About Us

The Background Story

The Interweaving is modern, work oriented, and complementary practice that provides new and beneficial ways of addressing the complications, complexities and the manifold of perspectives in human enterprises.

This practice offers ways of thinking and instruments for untangling and interweaving the strands of an enterprise, the work of people, machines, and things across socially, technically constructed and natural boundaries.

Interweaving can influence silo organisations to work together or simply dissolve silo walls. Interweaving can align planning and execution, or enable consistent integration and collaboration over an enterprise or products whole life-cycle. Interweaving can facilitate worthwhile results for people, teams, or transparent supply chains. The choice is yours!

Interweaving can be practiced by individuals for their own master, by managers in their areas of responsibility, in organisational roles, positions, or simply by networked communities. The focus is on making people and things work together, for mutual benefits.

Interweaving represents pragmatics and not dogma’s, acceptance of the values of co-creation and not a single- source-of-truth.

The Interweaving practice was created by Anders W. Tell, as a result of years of interdisciplinary work, in many industries, in mega programs and small projects, for industry and government organisations, in research and debates with professionals.

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