The idea of Capability is versatile and seeing the world, an organisation, community, or product through capability lenses offers insights not found elsewhere.

A capability perspective is first and foremost part of the performance theme of perspectives. It is a perspective that interweave well into performance and investment management as well as benefit and program logic reasoning.

Capability is simple idea: it is a substantial possibility that contributing source factors lead-to a result.

A capability always depends on something. When one knows what Innovation is then one can Manage Innovation. An “Innovation Management Capability” then becomes an <em ">important Talking Point about the Capacity to achieve managed innovation Results.

Cautionary note: capabilities should not be used as a substitute for an in-depth understanding of what goes on in an organisation.

The kind of capabilities needed depends on the work being done by someone. Some are interested in achieving outcomes or impacts, some managerial capabilities, some technology enabling capabilities. Everyone in an organisation can use the idea of capability but few need to think and define them to do their work well.

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