What's in it for me? The benefits of Interweaving.

The Interweaving practice with the Interweave Thinking is a unique, complementary and supplementary approach. It aims at delivering worthwhile benefits over the whole life cycle of an organisation or project up-to the investment horison. Not just at the end. Research shows that most people and stakeholders appreciate peak experiences during a project as well as the final result.

The goal is to …
 Boost Resource Utilisation and Releasing Business Results and Values 
… by …
 Unlocking, Realising, & Optimising The Value Of Togetherness 
… through …
 the Interweave Thinking and Interweaving Practice 

Interweaving benefits ladder short

Products and Services
Deliveries and Takeaways
How we Deliver


What Interweaving Is, and Not!

In-front of the Curtain

We can talk and walk the walk of ordinary people and professionals in an organisation, in-front of the curtain. We always make an extra effort to be understandable and beneficial to people we meet, and focus on what is primary.

Behind the Curtain

We can also dive into the worlds behind the curtain, and use the languages of architectural experts, theorists, and scientists. We have knowledge of the underworld of architecting and its tricks of the trade.
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