Interweaving Services and Products


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The Interweaving Enriched Design Journey

Do you know how the innovative new fits and work with what you have and where you are going?
Are you ready to transfer the design to the organisation?

Interweaving helps you, in your design journey, to aware of and handle the effects of introducing designs and innovations. Focused Interweaving workshops provide essential and complementary insights for the design process.

The Minimum Viable Interweave aids and guides startups and aspiring exponential organisations through their learning journey.

Start Small, Explore, Develop, Test, Reflect, Learn, Grow, and to a Right Sized Interweaving effort.

Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test,and Interweave

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Digital Transformation Projects

Do you understand and can take advantage of digital technology and Industry 4.0?
Do you understand networked, and exponential business models and why they may outperform what you have today?
Are your digital talents up-to-date and present in the board and management team?
What about the digital platform and assets, are they in place?

The Interweaving practice helps you weave the pieces together so that you can move up the digital and exponential value creation ladder.

We take advantage of deep knowledge of what the digital technologies offer today and tomorrow, for the benefit of your innovation, design and strategy work.

For us, Digital offers unique opportunities and challenges. Being Digital requires more. Using the same old approaches and tools under a new rebranded digital name is not enough. We help you move beyond routine thinking whether you want to be lean with short time-to-market or evolve you core business.

Are you ready to meet the opportunities? To start the journey and Interweave?


Strategy Journey

Do your strategy formation and formulation avoid the execution trap?
Is your strategy coherent internally, with the outside and others manoeuvres in the industry?

Is your strategy integrated with transformation and operations processes?

Interweaving offers deep integration of strategy and more tools than cascading objectives, resource allocation, responsibilities and initiatives.

Interweaving is complementary and supplementary with existing professions (strategists, managers, business analysts, etc,) and methods. No need to replace existing talents.

We use the unique tools of Interweaving to deeply integrate, link, align, bridge, coordinate, adjust, and to unlock and optimise business value . This throughout the whole strategy cycle, transformation programs and execution.

For us, strategy is more than a well-formulated document. It is an instrument that shape decision making and action, and needs to reach deep into the organisation to deliver worthwhile benefits to stakeholders.

Are you ready to enrich and Interweave strategy management?


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Work to be Done - Projects, Programs, and other Efforts

Interweaving is a modern and work oriented approach that aligns with contemporary business models and (digital) operations with a millennial work force. Interweaving fits with and complements management of complicated and complex programs and projects. Interweaving has a natural place in design efforts since it uniquely focuses on how new products and services integrates into the whole.


  • Interweaving and Architecting for Strategy Development and Execution Linkage
  • Digital Transformation Projects
  • Program-, Portfolio-, Project Management
  • Business Design and Development
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance Management
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Unit Alignment
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management.
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Work to be Done - Situations, Problems & Opportunities

Within organisations, projects, and processes there arise situations, problems or opportunities that needs to be addressed. When the circumstances are complicated, complex, and interconnected then Interweaving can beneficially be applied as a complementary part of a solution effort. This since the focus of Interweaving is on what is salient and how it all fits and work together across boundaries.

Situations and Problems

  • Integration of work and material flow across boundaries
  • Business unit integration across silos
  • Compliance assessment and management
  • Wellness and Maturity assessment
  • Integration of new products into organisation
  • Merger and Acquisitions


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