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Strategy, Sustainability, Digital Transformations

WorkEm is an advisory and a facilitation company. We create valuable change and impact through Design, Interweaving, and Architecting.

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WorkEm offer powerful ideas and methods that address how people, ecology, economy, society, and technologies are interweaved.

Sense Making

We help you to make sense of what is or should be happening, to uncover insights for the benefits of people, in work they do with each other.

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Do You Really Know?

Are you a digital and sustainable company? How do you know? We can help you assess the situation and provide advice for actions.

How we can help
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Diving deep into a subject is important for anyone that aspire to give first class advice.

Design Thinking

What if we Interweave Design Thinking?

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Enterprise Architecture

What if we reimagine Enterprise Architecture?

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The Strategy Journey

Do your strategy formation and formulation avoid the execution trap?

Is your strategy coherent internally, with the outside and others manoeuvres in the industry?

Is your strategy integrated with transformation and operations processes?

Interweaving offers deep integration of strategy and more tools than cascading objectives, resource allocation, responsibilities and initiatives.

Interweaving is complementary and supplementary with existing professions (strategists, managers, business analysts, etc,) and methods. No need to replace existing talents.

We use the unique tools of Interweaving to deeply integrate, link, align, bridge, coordinate, adjust, and to unlock and optimise business value . This throughout the whole strategy cycle, transformation programs and execution.

For us, strategy is more than a well-formulated document. It is an instrument that shape decision making and action, and needs to reach deep into the organisation to deliver worthwhile benefits to stakeholders.

Are you ready to enrich and Interweave strategy management?

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UN/CEFACT, EU, ISOIEC, CEN, W3C, GS1, OMG, LFV, LFV Consulting, SFTI, SKR, Inera, DIGG, Verva, Statskontoret, Stockholms Läns Landsting, SGU, Försvarsmakten högkvarteret, Försvarshögskolan, NUTEK, SIDA, BEAst, Odette, Posten, Bankföreningen, NEA, Handelsbanken International, SHB, SEB, Swedbank, SPADAB, Bankföreningen, Caperio, NEA, HSB, Dow Jones, Bridge informationsystem, Applixware, NXP, Banco Santander, La Caixa, Reuters, Sybase, AT&T & AUCS, Norstella, Svensk Programvaruindustri, SAAB, Catholica University, Stockholm University, KTH