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The Assessment

working together problem

Are you in a situation where these circumstances apply?


  • Is your work situation, project, or organisation is complicated to understand?
  • Is there a need to frame, focus, and scope peoples, the projects or organisations attention, allocation of efforts and resources??
  • Is the work you do with others is complex?
  • Do your work situations ...
    • contains a manifold of ‘things’ to think about, work with, and untangle?
    • involve many variations, alternatives, possibilities, options, and scenarios to think about and work with?
    • involve or influence many people, units of organisations and the work they do with others?
  • Is the nature and dynamics of the forces of change you experience or expect, uncertain, unstable, although not necessary difficult to understand? (volatility)
  • Is unpredictability present in your awareness and understanding of issues and events? Are events unfolding in surprising ways? (uncertainty)
  • Is there confusion with several interpretations available and plausible? Is the nature of casual relationships confusing? (ambiguity)
  • Is what is expected to happen next shaped in part by the past? Is it ‘path-dependent’? Are there more than one possible future? (past, present, future)
  • Are there strong forces of change present?
  • Is the project or organisation weaved together in intricate ways, where where peoples identity, beings, doings, becoming, and fortunes relate to one another? (interweaved)
  • Are the socially, technically constructed and natural boundaries present? Do they create complexities and barriers between us and them and incur delays and costs? 
  • Do the project or organisation consists of (highly) interconnected entities, with (mutual) dependencies and causal relations?

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