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Strategic Interweaving

Business Transformations through a structured integration and alignment of Strategy with Operations.
Anders is a Strategic Interweaver and Architect with international experiences on all levels, United Nation, EU, global, regional and national (standardisation) organisations, as well as national state agencies. 

Ways of Architecting - Reflection

The nature of Ways of Interweaving and Architecting can be explored through an interesting thought experiment, involving a reflective question. The answer(s) to this question often provide a good indication on the approach you are likely to prefer, use, and/or advocate.

"What do you believe is the most important feature of interweaving or  architecting?"

a) form and give space to peoples decision making? b) identify and describe capabilities of an enterprise, and use these descriptions to design, build, and run them?

More reflective insights may be gained by answering a followup questions:

"Do you work with architecting in the spirit of the answer(s) to the first question?" or "Do you practice what you think and preach?"

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Ways of Architecting - startup

The discipline of Enterprise Architecture is a young way of addressing the manyfold of enterprise concerns compared to older structured disciplines such as building architecture, strategy development, and organizational design. The youth is slowly being transformed into maturity in some areas but into turmoil in others.

This, and the next articles aim at introducing a techniques that can be used to analyse the way people and organisations see and practice interweaving and architecting. This in order to better evaluate how the ideas behind interweaving and architecting can be beneficially applied within an enterprise. Using this technique enables a clearer understanding of where people, and organisation comes from when they advocate a certain way of addressing architecture and architecting.

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Interweaving & Architectural Thinking - Use of methods

In this article I address the central question … 

"What makes architecting unique, valuable and ensures a place in an organisation?"

… from the point of use of methods and tools.

The first topic to address is the use of methods and tools.

An observation can be made that a considerable number of (Enterprise) Architecture ways of working are based on well-defined frameworks, methodologies, meta-models, viewpoints, principles, information models, and processes. In most cases these are predefined and it is recommended to follow the methods and techniques (or make an organisation specific configuration) to produce a set of well-, and predefined work products. This pattern of framework building and use is strong for traditional (enterprise) architectures and the following question becomes interesting.

"Is architecting founded on the use as specific set of methods, techniques, in a specific sequence, and on predefined guidance?" 

The short answer to this question is No. The longer answer follows in a brief format.

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