We untangle complications for the mind and complexities through Interweaving.

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The Concept Development practice provides ways of thinking and working that deliver fundamental  concepts, ideas and ways, intentions, units, entities, and quantitative and qualitative characteristics. This knowledge serves as the preferred basis for shared beliefs and intentions, as well as  groundings and instruments for peoples daily work, design, development efforts, as well as for evaluations and learning.

The work products are used to obtain buy-in, acceptance, agreement, and continued support amongst key stakeholders.

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The Interweaving Lens

Interweaving with the Interweave Thinking and Practices is a unique and complementary approach, which focus on answering five key questions:

What's in it for me?

Interweaving aims at delivering worthwhile benefits over the whole life cycle of an organisation or project up-to the investment horison. Not just at the end. Research shows that most people and stakeholders appreciate peak experiences during a project as well as the final result.

Interweaving Benefit Ladders