We untangle complications for the mind and complexities through Interweaving.

The Interweaving practice offers rich and manifold kinds of takeaways. The following four groups summaries key deliverables.

Integration, Facilitation, Mediation & Change Management

Interweave & Backbones

Assessment & Validation

Knowledge and Insights of the New, Possible, or Existing

Integration, Facilitation, Mediation & Change Management

The focus on integration, alignment, engagement, co-creation, and bridge building makes an Interweaver uniquely suited to complement and support executives and managers. An Interweaver can offload and supplement managers by taking on integration, facilitation, mediation and change management tasks. Facilitation and Mediation roles are natural to Interweavers since Interweaving focus on cross-cutting, cross organisational and change management concerns.


Integration, Facilitation, Mediation & other Roles

Mobilisation of organisation & projects to perform


Interweave & Backbones

Interweaving provides many actives means, features and tools to a project or organisation. These add values by bringing the organisation together in different ways. Actively working with the Interweave and interconnections brings cohesion and stability. A backbone acts as a guardrail, advice, and attractor for good decisions and actions. A well designed backbone enables and strengthen strategic, business and operational logics.


Transformation Backbones

Operations Backbones

Strengthen governance, management & control systems


Cohesion & Stability

Enabled underlying logics

New Steering, advising & guidance means


Understandable, workable, acceptable & agreeable Tools

Alignment & Integration at all levels & domains

Bridges peoples work, professions & disciplines


Assessment & Validation

Walking through a solution, design, or innovation, checking how it fits, acts, and evolve, is an important and valuable activity. Interweave assessments, verifications, and validations are activities that can be performed at any stage in a transformation, change, or design journey. At the end of a project an Interweave validation can answer the questions “are we building the right system?” and “are we building the system right?” as part of business validation.


Verification & Validation

Wellness Assessment

“New Kid on the Block” Evaluation

Knowledge & Insights of The New, Possible, or Existing

One of the most important tasks for interweavers is to create and manage knowledge for the benefits of people in work they do. Knowledge and story telling, in all its forms, allows us to uncover insights and learn so that we can see the world differently, work together, solve problems in new and innovative ways, and take advantage of opportunities. 


Insights for Innovation & Improvement

Advise for Action

Improved Decision Making & Learning

Knowledge about what is most important - Saliency

Shared mental models, dialogues & references

Knowledge about the Interweave