Category: Knowledge Management Practice

It is rather luxurious to engage in unlearning the not-so-useful and relearning new things. The inspiring books by Barry O Reilly and Nassim Nicholas Taleb are on my desk.
In the books, one aspect struck me early, the proven negative effects of rigid mental models and defensive attitudes towards them.

For me, practising design thinking is quite liberating and effective compared to practices that are based on fixed meta- and mental models.

Rahul Soans write about the star architect Frank Gehry on Design Thinking:
“The antithesis of a design attitude is a decision attitude. A decision attitude carries with it a default representation of the problem being faced. …. Solutions tend to fit neat frameworks or modes of thinking.” [Article]

Openly seeing the world as it is and engaging with ordinary people is preferable to closed views of the world expressed by experts.
This is why I enjoy using Interweave Thinking to complement Creative and Critical Thinking.

/Anders W. Tell
Master Interweaver