Category: Participation Management practice

Have you encountered this situation? When someone makes a presentation or gives you a model, you simply cannot understand what to do with it.


Unfortunately, it is quite common, especially when the producer uses a well-defined method. Here the method provides the answers even before the questions are asked.
It is also common that the producer really makes the information product for themselves and assumes other consumers find it useful too.

Beneath the surface, there is a lack of FIT. The information product does not fit with the work-to-be-done of the consumer.

At the VMBO 2019 conference, a technique was presented that address these situations. It is useful for both the consumer and the producer. The consumer is encouraged and empowered to be clear on their information needs, and the producer is encouraged to offer products that fit their needs.
The technique can be used to tweak the Zachman Ontology to be more enterprise-friendly.