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Adding business senses and balance to information products

I have just come back from presenting two novel techniques from the Interweaving and Concept Development practices at the VMBO 2019 research conference.

These techniques enrich the value of information products, canvases, diagrams, and models.

In a later post Ill share the techniques and why they are important. But here is a teaser.

1. The first technique is to treat the relationship between the target audience of an information product and the producer as a CUSTOMER - PRODUCER relationship.

The advantage is that business modeling becomes as a “commercial” activity. Now we can draw from all the experiences that product developers, and startups have and use daily.

No more the creation of enterprise models that users dont care about!

The balance is restored between empowered business users and modelers, architects and consultants.

2. The second technique involves adding “work to be done” in order to explicitly capture the needs for an information product in the same way as “jobs-to-be-done” empowers customer analysis.

This is a step away from target audience and purpose towards an understanding of jobs that the information products should do. 

More Later!

An example journey for business development and information product development.

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