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Adding business senses and balance to information products

I have just come back from presenting two novel techniques from the Interweaving and Concept Development practices at the VMBO 2019 research conference.

These techniques enrich the value of information products, canvases, diagrams, and models.

In a later post Ill share the techniques and why they are important. But here is a teaser.

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Grounding and Anchoring

The Concept Development practice plays an important role by grounding and anchoring people, knowledge, and discussions.

The grounding and anchoring are critical for describing, thinking and working with strategies, business and operational models and other kinds of knowledge.

Take the example of describing a Need, something when  dysfunctional would cause a negative outcome. 

Before one can describe a 'Need’ then one must first be clear on what is needed.  It is rather meaningless to talk about a ‘need for a football’ if one does not know what a football is. 

The same applies in many cases, one must know what “Marketing Management” is before one can discuss a “Marketing Management Capability”.

The Concept Development practice delivers knowledge that can ground and anchor many kinds of entities.

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Delivering situated knowledge and learning

Key deliverables of the Concept Development practice are situated knowledge and learning.

This knowledge comes in many forms, not only as as powerpoints, models, or documents. The knowledge is anchored and situated in peoples daily work, their interests, questions, decisions, actions and other information needs, to be relevant and useful.

All forms of knowledge are important to create and harvest.

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Concept Development and Interweaving used in varied circumstances.

The Concept Development and Interweaving practices can be used in varied circumstances.

These circumstances  are characterised by many people, many ideas and intentions, many work practices, many perspectives, complications, VUCA, variations, interconnections, etc. That is, where there is a need to weave people and things together over time, place and boundaries.

The aim of both the Concept Development and Interweaving practices is to use art, craft, and science to unlock, realise and optimise the value of Togetherness. This makes them a good choice for empowering journey’s and efforts. Here are a few examples.

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Introducing the Concept Development practice, featuring Interweaving

Introducing the Concept Development practice, featuring Interweaving

Introducing the Concept Development practice, featuring Interweaving - a missing ingredient in digital transformation efforts.

Digital transformation, agile projects, and strategy execution are all complicated and risky. 

The Concept Development and Interweaving practices provide a much needed help that interconnects people, work and things, in order to boost asset utilization, and release business results and values.

The practices …

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