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Interweaving & Architectural Thinking - as Intent

In this framing article, we visit Intention in order to explore the frame, scope (what is included, excluded) and scope of interweaving and architectural thinking (I&A).

It is often said that architects work ‘mainly’ with creating blueprints that contain an intended architecture. But is All that an interweaver or architect is concerned about intentional? The short answer to this question is No. The longer answer follows in a brief format.

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Framing the Essence of Interweaving and Architecting

In the search for the underlying meaning, essence of an idea and practice, it is often beneficial to visit and explore areas, topics, aspects, or subject fields that are known to be interweaved with the explored ideas, artefacts, and practices. In order to explore the frame, focus, scope (what is included, excluded) and scope, we visit intersecting, or overlapping, ways of thinking, theories, practices, etc. that are known to be relevant to the idea of architecture, the practices of interweaving and architecting). 

It it is worth mentioning that an underlying belief for the Framework of Interweaving and Architecting approach (FIA) is, that it is beneficial for inhabitants of an enterprise, organisation, etc. to look at their worlds through the lenses of the interweave and architecture. A lens that focus on the salient, fundamental,important, material, essential, or instrumental elements that interweave the strands of an organisation, enterprise, building, facility, system.

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Advancing the Interweaving and Architecture Discourse

Note: This article is an In-front-of-the-curtain article aimed at practitioners. For the scientifically inclined, Behind-the-curtain articles will be published on the website: <>.

In the interconnected, and a global world of today the ideas of the interweave and architecture provides ways of thinking, ways of doing, work products, and tools that address complications, complexity and the manifold of perspectives in human enterprises.

Interweaving and architecting provides unique means to untangle and interweave the complex multi-disciplinary and interconnected fabric of enterprises, organisations, communities, technical, and information systems. Where peoples identity, beings, doings, belonging and becoming, and fortunes relate to one another.

This article introduces general interweaving and architectural practices and approaches to the fields of interweaving and architectural discourse. As such it represents a continuation of the short series Ways of Interweaving and Architecting that aimed at exploring different ways to interweave and architect. This work is alive, and a work in progress since an interweaving and architectural practice without dynamics quickly becomes rigid and obsolete.

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Interweaving & Architectural Thinking - Use of methods

In this article I address the central question … 

"What makes architecting unique, valuable and ensures a place in an organisation?"

… from the point of use of methods and tools.

The first topic to address is the use of methods and tools.

An observation can be made that a considerable number of (Enterprise) Architecture ways of working are based on well-defined frameworks, methodologies, meta-models, viewpoints, principles, information models, and processes. In most cases these are predefined and it is recommended to follow the methods and techniques (or make an organisation specific configuration) to produce a set of well-, and predefined work products. This pattern of framework building and use is strong for traditional (enterprise) architectures and the following question becomes interesting.

"Is architecting founded on the use as specific set of methods, techniques, in a specific sequence, and on predefined guidance?" 

The short answer to this question is No. The longer answer follows in a brief format.

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