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Do-Right Learning loops for Digital Transformation


We all know the learning models of double-loop learning and 4-aces. However, they are not sufficient to address learning and transformation in the age of information and the digital.

What’s missing? The missing part is what many startups are address, the effects of how uncertainty and not knowing what is right. Lean startups embarc on learning journeys in order to know what is right.


The Do-Right Learning Model adds an extra loop - Knowing what is Right, to complete the picture. The Do-Right Learning Model can also be called Tripple Plus learning.

“Do” - Action loop

Experiences, skills, and knowledge are acquired by doing.

Are we doing things?

“Do Right” - Single loop Learning

The doing is evaluated against a what is Right criterion.

Are we doing the things right?

“Right Do? - Double loop learning

The Right criterion is determined.

Are we doing the right things?

“Right?” - Tripple loop learning

Understand of how to determine what is RIght.

How do we understand what is right?

How Right are you?




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