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Grounding and Anchoring

The Concept Development practice plays an important role by grounding and anchoring people, knowledge, and discussions.

The grounding and anchoring are critical for describing, thinking and working with strategies, business and operational models and other kinds of knowledge.

Take the example of describing a Need, something when  dysfunctional would cause a negative outcome. 

Before one can describe a 'Need’ then one must first be clear on what is needed.  It is rather meaningless to talk about a ‘need for a football’ if one does not know what a football is. 

The same applies in many cases, one must know what “Marketing Management” is before one can discuss a “Marketing Management Capability”.

The Concept Development practice delivers knowledge that can ground and anchor many kinds of entities.

  • Strategy statements
  • Goals
  • Requirements
  • Benefits
  • Change statements
  • Capabilities
  • Services
  • Principles and Rules
  • and many more.

The grounding is vital when grounded entities depend on each other. When a goal supports another goal, there must be a relationship between the subjects/objects of the two goals. One can find and describe such relationships using the Concept Development practice.




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