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Is Design Process or Moves?

There is an interesting relation between design and dance.

In dance beginners start out by learning basic patterns. Just as in the case with design thinking and service design where the simple and appealing 5, 6 or 7-step processes from books, universities and famous companies lure participants into enjoying design. Both beginner dancers and designers have fun and enjoy the experiences, believing they are doing great. When they progress further they become intermediary dancers and designers. But here the teachers and mentors suddenly change attitudes and want the participants to break free of the learned patterns and to mix-n-match what they learn with a bit of enthusiasm and creativity. But why? Because dance and design are not achieved by repeating basic patterns. It's about moving and using all that is in the participants to create the best results. What about you? Do you follow the steps in process given to you? ... or do you move and create your best results?

Interweaving is continuously improving

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