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Meaningful ... What do you want? - Business Capabilities

Meaningful ... What do you want? - Business Capabilities

In the previous Meaningful … article about Business Capabilities I covered 2 meaningful topics.

Meaningful ... Business Capabilities

  • You need to know what “Innovation” is before discussing am “Innovation Management Capability”
  • The result part of a capability depends on a number of source factors.

In this article I bring to the surface the question of what kind of capability you really want to include in a capability model or map?

Do yo want to be capable of ..

  • being “Innovative”?
    • Most companies try to be creative. It is simple to be mere innovative when there is no quality criterion outlining “how much innovative” you should be.
  • being “Innovative” where new, fresh and profitable products/services are regularly created and commercialised.
    • Here the result is more specific and difficult to satisfy. But, maybe this is what the company really should aim for? 
    • These kinds of capabiliites are expressed as Results (outcome, impact,…) rather than a Doing verb.
  • Innovating
    • The focus here is on the doing (lead-to). Maybe a specific methodology should be followed? Maybe the innovation is based on a crowd model?
  • “Innovation that utilise our talent and is sustainable”
    • Here the result focus on resource utilisation (talent management), and evolution (sustainability).
    • Maybe “attract talent” is more interesting that “utilise our talent”?
  • Managing Innovation
    • Being able to manage innovation is very different from producing innovative products. Management does not necessary lead-to profitable products.
  • Managing Innovation” on three horizons.
    • A specific kind of management is desired. One that considers different paces of innovation such as; incremental innovation in today’s business, expanding and building new business, explorative and radical approach.
  • Maintaining a platform that enables innovation.
    • This is a capability that enables or support innovation. Such platform may be an intrinsic and vital part of an Innovation Strategy.

So, what kind of “Innovation” capability do you desire and intend to build or improve? The choice is important since it will impact your work you do with others. Unless you don’t find additional value in using capability models in your work.

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Meaningful ... Business Capabilities

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