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Neo-Generalists make excellent Interweavers

The book “The NEO-Generalist” is a fascinating read, with a surprising connection to Interweaving. It turns out that neo-generalists would make excellent Interweavers with their mind-sets.

A few example quotes from the book “The NEO-Generalist”, by Kenneth Mikkelsen, Richard Martin, 2016, to illustrates the point.

“A neo-generalist is a serial specialist that traverse the space in-between the polarities.”

“Alone, deep specialists cannot resolve the world’s big issues. In concert with neo-generalists, however, they give us all a better change. We need those hyperspecialists to work alongside people who not only serve as connectors, bridging between disciplines, but also see the big picture and bring into play the metaskills that can help shape tomorrows world.”

“The neo-generalist, then, is both a generalist and a specialist, switching between the two as required. They are able corral their generalist tendencies in service of deep specialisms. They generalise in order to specialise. Neo-generalists bring unique perspectives, blended knowledge and experience from diverse disciplines, to the specialisms they perform. But as lifelong learners and inherently curious people, they also demonstrate a facility in switching specialisms. When the context switches, so do they. They are fluid and flexible. Their generalist preferences, when combined with what they have experienced through specialist activities, contribute to the development of meta skills: boundary-crossing capabilities that are essential as we respond to big issues or take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. In network terms, where a specialist can be thought of as living in a node and the generalist as occupying a liminal space on the bridges between nodes, the neo-generalist is in flow, constantly moving between bridge and node. They are adaptive, responsive, catalytic.  While the specialist aspire to membership of the guild, populated by experts in their field, and the generalist heads for the salon, which is polymathic in both membership and outlook, the neo-generalist is drawn to a cafe culture in the hope of combining the best of both worlds.”


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