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Business Transformations through a structured integration and alignment of Strategy with Operations.
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Stories of Digital Transformation

#DigitalTransformation journey's are described by a manifold of stories. 

Each story adds a piece but what happens when you put them all together? What story is that?

For some, … 

  • digital enablers such as sensors, mobile devices, and new material is the most important story.
  • the socio-economic evolution in the information age pulls us all into the future.
  • digitisation of existing processes is vital.
  • people's digital talents are at the center.
  • management and entrepreneurial mind-sets  drive the lean and digital organisation.
  • IS/IT is necessary and in focus.
  • new business models, identity and vision direct you to where-to-play.
  • innovation and agility save you from disruption,
  • transformation of the workforce and organisation is the way to the future.
  • partnering and renting your resources paves the way to become an exponential organisation.
  • customer orientation is obvious.
  • knowing what you know and don’t know, lead you to traverse build-measure-learn cycle fast.
  • trend awareness and strategy lead the way.

No single story tells it all.

#Interweaving is interested in how all these stories Interweave.

In a Seed Workshop you can explore your stories, create the interweaved story, and then find an approach forward.

Enjoy the Interweaving!

Digital Transformation Stories
Neo-Generalists make excellent Interweavers

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