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WorkEm help you improve who you are, what you do and what you aspire to.

Do you know how the innovative new fits and work with what you have and where you are going?
Are you ready to transfer the design to the organisation?

Interweaving helps you, in your design journey, to aware of and handle the effects of introducing designs and innovations. Focused Interweaving workshops provide essential and complementary insights for the design process.

The Minimum Viable Interweave aids and guides startups and aspiring exponential organisations through their learning journey.

Start Small, Explore, Develop, Test, Reflect, Learn, Grow, and to a Right Sized Interweaving effort.

Empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test,and Interweave

A crucial moment in any design effort is when you look at how the design fit, act, & evolve with what is already there and could be.

What have you created?

  • Does the design fit with current and future business models, organisations, operations, and technologies?
  • Is the design incremental, evolutionary, or revolutionary?
  • Is it digital and exponential?
  • Have all the consumer, producer, product, service, sales, new product development journeys been explored?
  • Are the organisation, employees, and managers ready for change?
  • How does it integrate with value chains, supply chains, and workflows?
  • Does it create or break silos?
  • What about sales and marketing?
  • What about talent management and innovation flow?
  • What about management systems?
  • Is the business eco system and platform ready?
  • Do you use all the possibilities made available by new technologies?
  • What and where are the risks?
  • Are you aware of the Interweave, the interdependencies and touch points?
  • Can you validate your design in it’s environment?
  • many more questions can be asked based on if the design is related to a startup or a mature organisation.

The questions are more, many more. Have you looked at them? Are you confident that you know what you need to know?

Otherwise, you may benefit from enriching your design effort with Interweaving. 

The Interweaving Enriched Design Journey

We have adapted Interweaving, a unique complementary, supplementary, and participatory practice, to design journey’s and efforts. In an enriched design journey, Interweaving provides you with unique means and tools to;

  • understand what is most important (salient);
  • how it all fit, act, evolve together;
  • untangle complications and complexities;
  • reduce risk;
  • how to improve your design; and to
  • get it accepted by the organisation as well as by customers;
  • and much more;

Interweaving can assist you in all stages of a design journey, including after the journey ends. In the early stages, Interweaving focus on providing knowledge and insights to design activities.

In the test stage, Interweaving can increase the likelihood of the design being beneficial and accepted, by assessing how-well the design integrates, aligns and Interweaves in specific areas.

In an Interweave stage, the focus shift to performing Interweave verification & validation. The results are turned into advice (recommendations, guidance) that aim at improving your design. This stage should be integrated with business validation.

The Interweaving stage complements Lean Startup efforts. The creation of a Minimum Viable Interweave aids and guides startups and aspiring exponential organisations through their learning and improvement journey. Being aware, increase the likelihood for success and decrease the risk, while preserving the options.

In the Implementation stage, Interweaving provides backbones that act as guardrails and attractors for good decisions and actions.

The Interweave backbones can remain active and alive throughout operations, influencing daily thinking, decisions, actions, assessments, and adjustments. Bringing the organisation together across silos and boundaries.

What are the Takeaways?

Interweaving delivers a range of takeaways depending on where you are in your design journey. In the beginning of the design journey the focus is on generating knowledge in all its forms (mental, explicit, experiences, etc.) . As the journey progresses the focus shift to the creation of more actionable and beneficial takeaways.


Knowledge about Saliency

The most important: talking points, decision making, useful, evolutionary, essential, and instrumental parts.


Knowledge about the Interweave

How people and things fit, act, and evolve together across boundaries. (forms, strands, bridges, spaces, etc.)


Insights for Improvement & Innovation

Mental or experiential knowledge that is turned into Insights supporting improvement of design and opens up for further innovation.

Wellness Assessment

An assessment and check of how-well the design integrates, aligns and Interweaves in specific areas for the purpose of indicating areas for improvement.


Verification & Validation

An Interweave evaluation of “are we building the system right?”, and “are we building the right system?”, which provides a key element in of business validation.


Advice for Action

The gained knowledge, insights, assessments, validations are used to create workable, acceptable, agreeable, and beneficial advice (recommendations, guidance) that aim at improving your design.


Transformation Backbone

Interweave Thinking and Interweaving provides backbones that act as guardrail,s advice, and attractors for good decisions and actions during implementation phase.

Alive Interweave!

The Interweave backbones remains active and alive throughout operations, influencing daily thinking, decisions, actions, assessments, and adjustments. Bringing the organisation together across silos and boundaries.

How do we Deliver?

We offer regular, workshops, courses, and consulting services that enable and advise your design efforts so you can deal with the Interweave instead of that the Interweave blocks or consumes you.

Design Workshops

Awareness workshop (2h)
The aim is to share with you about how things, people, and technology, in general, interdepend on each other. This knowledge can then be used in your design effort.

Guided Interweaving Workshop (4h)
The aim is to explore your design and create concrete takeaways that you can use in your design effort. The takeaways depend on where you are in you design journey. The goal is to translate knowledge and gained insights into Advice for Action that improve your design effort. This workshop is guided and the results are co-created with all participants.

Full Interweaving Workshop (1 day or more)
The aim is to more fully explore your design. The time allows for a deeper exploration and assessment of the design in its environment. The takeaways are primarily Wellness Assessment or Verification & Validations, and Advice for Actions. This workshop is participatory and the results are co-created.

Startup Interweaving (1 day)
The aim is to explore a new business idea and to create transformation backbone, a Minimum Viable Interweave, for the new company and it’s learning and improvement journey.

Personal Practice

We train your professionals and managers in Interweave Thinking and the Interweave practice for personal growth and mastery.
A practice that is a human centric, work oriented, and a fusion o f Craft (experience, practical, learning), Art (vision, creative, insight), and Science (analysis, systematic, evidence).


We complement and, supplement your method, process, management system, and services with Interweaving. We do Interweaving “In you name” or “on behalf of you” for your customers.

Professional Services

We fill one or more of your organisational roles, positions or functions. There we perform Interweaving typically together with other tasks and specialities, such as program or project management, strategy development, digital transformation, business analysis, business or enterprise architecture, etc.

Partner Services

We co-create value by offering common services where we supplements each other with unique competences to increase reach into and coverage of customers.

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