Talking about someones capabilities can be quite useful. In many cases it is clear that it is "the possibility and capacity to .." that is talked about, but in many cases its is the twin of the capability that is referred to.
The question becomes - What are you talking about, the capability or its twin?

So, what is a capability and what is the twin?

If you talk about that your team can play football then you are talking about the teams capability.
If you talk about playing football then you talking about a process or function, i.e. the twin.
In fact, for every process or function we can find and define at least on corresponding capability.

It you talk about that the goal is to win the game that you are talking about a goal, i.e the twin
If you talk about that the team is capable to win the game the you are talking about a capability to achieve or fulfil the goal.

Are there other twins than process, function and goal? Yes, many!

For every … there can be formulated at least one capability:

    ⁃    Verb
    ⁃    Process
    ⁃    Activity
    ⁃    Function
    ⁃    Service
    •    Result (capable to achieve result)
    •    Change (capable to achieve change)
    ⁃    Effect
    ⁃    Improvement
    ⁃    Benefit
    ⁃    Cost
    ⁃    Obstacle (capable to overcome obstacle)
    •    Ends
    ⁃    Vision
    ⁃    Goal  (capable to achieve the goal)
    ⁃    Objective (capable to fulfil objective )
    •    Risk (capable to mitigate risk)
    ⁃    Failure
    •    Component
    •    Idea or concept (capable to reason about or to realise the concept)
    •    Thing or Artifact
    •    Skill
    •    Enablement or Facilitation

Another question that turns up: If you know all about the twins then when do you need to talk about a capability that corresponds to a twin?