The Capability Ignorance Challenge

The Capability Ignorance Challenge is a tough challenge for makers of capability maps.

It is a test of ignorance. It is a test of the knowledge of what capabilities are included and excluded in a capability map.

The Capability Ignorance Challenge

What capabilities are excluded and why?

Why is this important? Simply because there exist uncountable / infinite kinds of capabilities that could be included.- So why are most capabilites excluded?
- Is there anyone that knows?
- What are the effects of now knowing?
- What are the effects of knowing only about those capabilities that are included?

To seed the explanations. Here are a few categories of relevant capabilities that may be in or out:

- Concept: Good healthcare
- Sustainability: Refuse, Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Redistribute, Repurpose, Resold, Recycle, Recover
- Micro economics: Set the Right Price
- Risk or SafetyMitigate company risk A
- Unintended: Pollute the environment with waste

So, who knows what capabilities are excluded, and why?

Enjoy the Challenge!