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Inside-Out, Outside-In, are there more to explore?

The question wether a company is or should be driven by Inside-Out and/or Outside-In thinking is highly relevant to ask. 

A strategic approach based on an Inside-Out vantage point is guided by that the inner strengths and capabilities of the organisation will make the organisation successful. An Outside-In approach is guided by external and environmental forces, and that customer value creation, customer orientation and customer experiences are key to success. In the post “Outside-In: Customer Experience Optimizer?”, Dr. Samir Asaf argues that High Performance Organizations need to think both from an inside-out and outside-in vantage points.

However, one can ask if there are more vantage points to explore with respect to a company and its strategy? And how long it takes before you fall off a strategy canvas or strategic thinking model?

The short answers are yes and sometimes quickly.

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