Our servicing

All our services are offered in the following forms. With the Interweaving and Architecting as a base the services can be adapted, configured to specific organisational settings to optimise delivery of worthwhile results and benefits over the life cycle up-to the horizon.

Personal Development & Mastery

We offer Interweaving and Architecting to individuals seeking mastery in their life and profession. The practice provides a toolbox for busy people, managers, and professionals that work in a multidisciplary environment and need to collaborate in complicated, complex, varied, manifold, and changing circumstances.

Infusion services

All services are offered as Infusion services that compliment your own management systems and operations. An Infusion service provides values besides and to your program manager, project manages, benefit realisation manager, strategists, or organisational developers and experts.

Organisational services

We offer Interweaving and Architecting services to organisations in their own environment. I&A can be executed in many ways, as a Role, Position, Function (continuous operation), or Transformation/change programs, or projects (time and resource constrained). See the Many faces of I&A for ideas of what an Interweaver or Architect can provide.


In support for the Interweaving and Architecting practices we offer educational services, such as courses, workshop, and presentations. We have experiences in teaching on all level from company, university to global standardisation.


Our main Services and Product Areas

Build Capacity