We untangle complications for the mind and complexities through Interweaving.

Work to be Done: Program, projects, and initiatives

How does it all fit with what we have and want to change?
How do I get strategy formation to link with transformation initiatives and processes?
How do I infuse the disruptive new digital product into what we do?
How do I get time to manage the initiative when the moving parts are so many, varied, and complicated?

Interweaving is a modern and work oriented approach that aligns with contemporary business models and (digital) operations with a millennial work force.

Interweaving fits with, complements and supplements management of complicated and complex programs and benefit realisation projects.

An Interweaver is uniquely suited to take over the responsibility for integration from program managers in the same way as change managers often do for engagement.

Interweaving has a natural place in (business) design, business unit alignment, corporate governance, compliance management, and operational excellence efforts.

  • Interweaving and Architecting for Strategy Development and Execution Linkage
    Digital Transformation Projects
    Program-, Portfolio-, Project Management
    Business Design and Development
    Corporate Governance and Compliance Management
    Operational Excellence
    Business Unit Alignment
    Enterprise Knowledge Management