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Reimagine: A Unique Lens from All Inclusive

This is the first instalment in the design thinking series where we Reimagine the traditions of Enterprise Architecture (EA). We use the design technique “What if we …”, which is a simple but powerful technique where one aspect is changed in a solution or artifact to examine what happens. In this case we tweak the Traditions of Enterprise Architecture.

“What if we ... change ... the idea of architecture to become a lens on the world, from being an all inclusive framework?”

Let us see what happens.


Traditional Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an idea that originates from the business information system domain. Over the last 30 years it has accumulated and assimilated ideas from a large group of practices and theories, mainly from IS/IT and engineering domains.


We simplify the idea of architecture to be what one sees through a lens, the unique architecture lens.

Through this architecture lens one sees the world differently, in the same way as a pair of sunglasses or a camera lens changes the world. 

The lens provides a filter that includes and excludes certain parts of the observed world. The lens also provides a center of gravity and focus on certain aspects and things to talk about (talking points).

A building architect sees and works with spaces whereby a company architect sees products and processes. Of course, this its not all they see and work with.


A major consequence is the simplification of the idea of architecture. Instead of bringing in all the other practices and theories the core idea is kept very simple - architecture is what you see through the architecture lens.

A benefit is that the idea of architecture now can used together with other ways of thinking and working such as design and strategy without overlap. We will elaborate on this feature in a coming instalment.

Another benefit is that a small architectural idea can be combined with peoples ordinary professions and practices. People can therefore use architectural thinking for their own personal, managerial, or professional mastery.

In coming instalments we will elaborate on what are seen through the lens and how to work with it.

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