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Reimagine: from Multi perspective from Single perspective

In an organisation there are many people that do different kinds work. They all have different work perspectives. They acquire a sense of what good and successful work means, which minds sets and approaches such as LEAN recognise.

The Tradition of Enterprise Architecture provides frameworks for the whole organisation with a set of predefined viewpoints. These viewpoints are pre-developed by architects based on their views on generic organisations, generic stakeholders and the stakeholders concerns in general.

But, have people from all these stakeholder groups been asked if these viewpoints fit with their current and specific work and if all these models are of any use to them? Usually, the answer is no.

Based on these pre-fabricated viewpoints and model kinds the traditional enterprise and business architects then develop comprehensive models based on the architects comprehensions.

These models are then turned into plans that the organisation should follow. The models and plans are then regularly check for compliance, based on the architects comprehension and judgement of the situations.


What if we ... shift ... the perspective from a traditional architects centric world view to human and work centric world views?

What if we empower people to participate with their perspectives based on what is most important to them in the work they do with other people?

What if .... food for thoughts ...

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