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Interweaving is the art, craft, and science of enabling, unlocking, realising and optimising Saliency and Togetherness. We use Interweaving to practice design and architecting, and to construct and tailor methods for specific purposes or approaches.

The Work-Oriented Approach (to Information Products) (WOA) is a research-based method that addresses information production and consumption. The focus is on individuals' use and organisations' co-use of information such as reports, studies and models to increase organisations' aggregate utility and improve stakeholder values and economic, social and environmental outcomes.


We are actively involved in practicing and innovating in the fields of Enterprise Architecture and Data/Information Architecture, such as with the Interweaved style of Enterprise Architecture, Traditional Architecture and Live Architecture.

Knowing and Innovating

Diving deep into a subject is important for anyone that aspires to give first-class advice. We are currently engaged in research and innovation activities on several themes.