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Knowing and Innovating

Diving deep into a subject is important for anyone that aspire to give first class advice.

Diving deep into a subject is important for anyone that aspires to give first-class advice. We are currently engaged in research and innovation activities on several themes.

Interweaved Design Thinking

Design, together with agility, has become important for many companies, state agencies and NGO's. We are engaged in research that aim to enrich the use design thinking as an agile approach or method for projects and programs. The focus is on the parts that are often missing in design efforts: the fit within the organisation and with the society, clear definitions of change and impact for all relevant interested parties, as well as how proposed solutions are sustainable and interweaved with the society, environment and economy. The results of this research are placed in the interweaved Design Thinking (iDT) approach

Interweaved EA

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an idea that originates from the business information system domain. EA is known to have significant problems making a lasting impact outside the IS/IT department. We are engaged in research that aim to reimagine the idea of architecture so that it can become a natural, complementary and valued part of business and strategy development, operational concept and organisational development, etcetera, without the historical baggage from its origin. The results of this research are placed in the interweaving style of Enterprise Architecture (iEA) approach.

Method Development

We have extensive experiences of and competences for developing methods and frameworks for architecting large scale systems and situations. We have worked with UN, mega scale EU projects, state agencies, and international industry organisations. as well as participated in de-jure standardisation ISO and ITU.

Research & Innovation

We are today researching innovative and effective uses of interweaving, design and architecting, to enable and facilitate change and impact. This in a contemporary and sustainable world with exponential organisations and a millennial workforce.

The Books of Interweaving

The Books of Interweaving with its Bodies of Knowledge, Thinking and Practices are a result of years of practicing and researching. The work is alive and in progress since an interweaving, design, and architectural practices without dynamics quickly become rigid and obsolete.