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We untangle complications for the mind and complexities through Interweaving.

Interweaving is the art, craft, and science of enabling, unlocking, realising and optimising Saliency and Togetherness. We use Interweaving t practice design and architecting, and to construct and tailor methods for specific purposes or approaches.

WorkEm offers ...

Constructed Methods

Interweaved Concept Development (iCD)

interweaved Design Thinking (iDT)

interweaving style of EA (iEA)

WorkEm offers Practices

A practice is a repeatable way or strategy of doing work to achieve a goal that has a positive impact on work products or process quality.

We practice ...

Interweaving practice

Interweaving is the art, craft, and science of unlocking, realising and optimising the values of Saliency and Togetherness.

Capability analysis and Planning practice

The idea of Capability is versatile and seeing the world, an organisation, a community, or a product through capability lenses offers insights not found elsewhere. A capability perspective is, first and foremost, part of the performance theme of perspectives. It is a perspective that interweaves well into performance and investment management and benefit and program-logic reasoning.

Business Design practice

Method Engineering practice

Digital Platform development practice

Participation Management practice

Digital Transformation practice