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We offer services for a variety of architecting approaches. You choose.

We are actively involved in practicing and innovating in the field of Enterprise Architecture and Data/Information Architecture,

Interweaved style of Enterprise Architecture

The Interweaving style of Enterprise Architecting is human-centric, work-oriented and based on the Interweaving practice. It is focused on delivering worthwhile benefits to the inhabitants of organisations, communities and enterprises. It recognises values co-created by myriads of beings, thinkers, decision-makers, doers, and learners.  This is where we focus our creative energy to enrich the idea of architecture and architecting through interweaving thinking and practices.

Traditional Enterprise Architecture

Traditional Architecting is based on established business, technology, or industry frameworks (TOGAF, NAF, …) and standards with predefined methods, languages, and tools. In many cases, they can be configured and adapted to specific project needs. We have extensive experience developing methods and frameworks for architectures for large-scale situations. We have worked with UN/CEFACT, mega-scale EU projects, state agencies, and international industry organisations. as well as participated in the de-jure standardisation of ISO and ITU, such as ISO 420x0 standards for architecture descriptions.

Live Architecture

The interweaved world we live and work in is at the core of Architecture. By recognising and integrating architectural knowledge about what matters, we make blueprints, models and presentations come alive. The central idea behind Live Architecture is to transform architecting into something relevant to people and their daily work. Transform technical drawings and models into support for thinking, decision-making, doing and learning.